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Short Circuit

We provide services to protect your workers from electrical shock and electrical arc flash/blasts. One way we accomplish this is by providing a short circuit analysis of your facility. By accessing your electrical equipment, we are able to provide you confidence that your equipment is adequately rated to safely pass any over currents, arcing currents and/or short circuits safely to ground. An adequately rated electrical system will provide this assurance. Per the NFPA 70E 2018 Electrical Safety Code for Workers Safety requires you to assess your present system every 5 years. When was the last time you had an electrical safety assessment ?


Protective Device Coordination


We provide protective device coordination. An errant fault downstream should keep the fault downstream and not lose power to the whole facility. Our protective device coordination study will tell you if your present electrical system coordinates and what to do to better coordinate your system if necessary. One of our customers biggest concern is losing power to the facility and having all personnel go home. Let us provide that confidence that your system is properly coordinated. 


Arc Flash

We provide an arc flash assessment which will indicate incident energy levels at a particular panelboard or electrical device if you or your electrical contractor/electrician had to work on the equipment while energized. The warning or danger label will indicate to the worker the level of protective equipment for worse case arcing fault and short circuit. Let us provide you the tools to allow your workers to prepare themselves adequately for planned or unplanned energized work at your facility.


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