Our goal is to provide accurate power studies to our clients. Power studies include evaluating both the new and existing equipment to validate if the equipment is adequately rated. Protective device coordination allows us to assure that faults downstream of the fault only affect the next upstream over current device. Basically confining the fault to the location of the fault only and not affecting the total electrical system. The arc flash analysis which includes warning labels informs our clients the level of worst case incident energy at any point in the system. 

Mike Brisbois, PE
Power Systems Engineer

Our power systems engineers have professional engineering experience and have over 20 years experience in power systems study and design. We are able to complete power studies including short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, harmonic analysis and arc flash hazard assessments. 

Our Team

Our marketing team pursues new task opportunities with current clients and follows up with our client referrals to ensure that all facilities have proper and up to date warning labels and current electrical single line diagrams posted at the facilities.

Mike Brisbois
Project Manager

The project manager runs the tasks including scheduling, costs and completion of the job. They interface with the facilty owner and project management to make sure we have all the data to complete the project on time and within budget.

Our Team

Our accounts team manages the customers needs and requirements and provides billing information to insure that projects are getting done within the budget and cost constraints and on time. 

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