National Electric Code

Article 110.16 of the National Electrical Code is amended and supplemented by the addition of the following text to the end of the first paragraph, to read as follows:

The flash protection marking shall be an identification plate or label meeting ANSI Standards Z535.4-1998 or be of a type approved by the Code Official or designated representative. The plate or label may be installed at the factory or in the field. The plate or label may be mounted using adhesive. The plate or label shall include all of the following:
  (1) The date of the flash hazard analysis.  
  (2) The flash hazard category.
  (3) The incident energy level in cal/cm2 at 18 inches from the       flash hazard.

  (4) The flash hazard boundary.
  (5) The personal protective equipment that people within the Flash Hazard Boundary shall use.


The arc flash hazard shall be updated when a major modification, renovation or changes in the electrical distribution system that could affect the results of the arc flash hazard analysis takes place.
The arc flash hazard analysis shall take into consideration the design of the overcurrent protective device and its opening time, including its condition of maintenance.
Exception: An arc flash analysis shall not be required where all of the following exists:
  (1) The circuit supplying the electrical equipment is 240 volts or less
  (2) The electrical equipment is fed from only one transformer.
  (3) The transformer feeding the electrical equipment is rated less than 125 kVA.

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