Networking and Marketing 
Lunch Presentation
Friday May 15, 2020
High Noon
Seattle Washington

Join us for a presentation on Network Marketing. We will discuss:

1. Techniques on how to set up your target market
2. Tips on pursing client and marketing that industry
3. What does the client need?
4. How to retain 90% repeat business
5. How to build strong networks

The Speakers will be Gail Kinner and Zack Malmberg. They are market and network managers
for a firm that has 90% repeat clients. Both have extensive experience in networking and
marketing. They will show you how to obtain and keep clients. How to seek out potential new
clients. They will show you how to purse the clients in your target market. They will give tips
on how to precure new business. How to keep and retain the present clientele while building
strong networks.

The meeting will be held at the Salas O’Brien Building in Seattle Washington:
1st Floor Conference Room
10202 5th Avenue NE #100
Seattle WA 98125


Join our lunch series
Friday May 15, 2020 – Network and Marketing – How to grow your market share
Friday June 19, 2020 – Electrical Testing – What is it? Why do we need it?
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Please RSVP Mike today
Ham, Turkey, Veggie or meatball sandwich – Chips regular or Jalapeno or Chocolate chip or
raison. Lunch will be catered by Jimmy Johns.


Your Host
Mike Brisbois

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