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Access the present condition of the existing equipment and provide arc flash labels for the modified and new equipment. These arc flash labels include the incident energy, arc flash boundary, system voltage and date the labels were applied. This allows qualified workers to prepare themselves properly with PPE if they were to work energized.  

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The service entrance required an arc flash label to include the available fault current, the system voltage, the time to open, the date the label was attached and the working boundary. Also a device and equipment evaluation was performed to make sure that the equipment was rated for worst case bolted fault current. Recommendations were provided for protective device coordination. This is important so downstream devices do not trip upstream breakers. Time current curves for the overcurrent devices were modeled and recommendations were made to optimize breaker settings. 

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One of the challenging tasks for any power study is to adequately recommend settings for the existing systems. It is critical that the power study inputs are correct for both new and existing equipment. One of the key aspects of any power study is obtaining the available fault current both minimum and maximum from the Power Utility company.  The maximum will indicate worst case short circuit currents throughout the system and the minimum may indicate worst case incident arc flash hazard energy. In this case a breaker may not open as quickly and allow more hazardous energy through the system. 

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Power studies are a challenge and to adequately safeguard a facility including adequately rated equipment a safe path for hazardous current needs to be established. For the protective device coordination it is always important to understand the total system. For example what happens when the main breaker of the facility opens. How important is it for local downstream breakers to properly perform. By modeling the system we can adequately insure proper coordination with recommendations to insure time current curves do not overlap. 

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